AstroInsight - horoscope interpretation tool for beginning astrology students


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Learn about your yourself and your horoscope! With astrologer Ann Powell Groner as your guide, you embark on a thorough examination of your birth chart, from a psychological perspective. Each planet is explained in terms of its symbolic astrological meaning, followed by a discussion of how it is likely to be expressed in your own life. 

You see what kind of energy, character traits and behavior are represented by the various planets and how they express themselves through the signs of the zodiac. You learn about the aspects the planets make to one another and the houses in which they appear. Finally, using your own chart as an example, you are shown how to put the pieces together to make a horoscope interpretation.

Discover the roots of repeating patterns in your life and how to make more of your strengths by expressing all the various parts of your horoscope.

What is included?

AstroInsight comes as a 20-30 page report
High-quality b/w horoscope drawing
Reading list for further study
Available in English or Danish

About this report

AstroInsight is an astrological interpretation that aims to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of psychological astrology. AstroInsight shows how each planet in the horoscope contributes to the overall picture of your personality and psyche, and at the same time provides you with a guide to chart interpretation. Although a computer report is a poor substitute for a consultation with a qualified professional astrologer, AstroInsight will introduce you to the key symbols and important themes in your horoscope. To learn more about your horoscope or work with a particular issue or problem, a personal consultation is highly-recommended.


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